Purchase your dream home.

Purchase your dream home.



in cashback.



in cashback.

Estimated take-home cashback shown for home price:

Estimated take-home cashback shown for home price:


Total cashback received by our customers


Closed Deals


of realty commission on average

Dedicated Support

Our support team is available to help you, and you can submit offers at any time.

Skilled Lawyers

We work with lawyers and paralegals who will be with you through the entire process, and we have best-in-class contract precedents to protect your interests from start to finish.

How it works

Register and pre-qualify for a mortgage

Register, verify identity and instantly apply for mortgage pre-qualification through our mortgage broker partner.

Explore listings and automatically generate offers

Use ZVR to search for properties, find comparable properties to find the best offer price, and generate offers for your selected property.

Submit and negotiate

Submit offers that are reviewed by an experienced real estate solicitor. You can negotiate with Sellers yourself, or have legal assistance at every step.

Close the deal

Close on your accepted offer. ZVR fully supports the process, guiding you from search, offer, acceptance and close with full legal and mortgage support.

Receive cashback

Receive your cashback from all of the real estate and mortgage commissions (prevalent commissions correspondingly: 2.5% and 1%).

Let 147 new home owners speak for ourselves


I have lost track of the number of people I have made the ZVR pitch to. My girlfriend and I recently bought a house in Toronto and they were the difference between us being able to do it now vs. waiting a while longer. If you are going to do the majority of the work yourself when it comes to researching houses, negotiating offers, etc. there is no reason why you should inherently being paying a 2.5% markup on the house you are buying which goes straight to your agent’s pocket. I can’t say a big enough thank you to Leo, Bryan, and Eugene (the three people behind ZVR) who have created a service unlike any I have come across before and which has the potential to transform the real estate industry.

1 year ago


I had a great experience with ZVR. The team was very helpful throughout the process. I received support and guidance from start to finish - I am extremely thankful! Kudos team!

2 years ago


Confirmed take-home cashback: $17,438.10

2 years ago

A.T & D.A

Confirmed take-home cashback: $33,400

1 year ago


Confirmed take-home cashback: $57,500

1 year ago


Confirmed take-home cashback: $6,082

2 years ago


Using ZVR services, we recently purchased a new construction home in the Niagara region and received the ZVR rebate. We were extremely pleased with the intuitive and automated process while searching for homes. The guidance from Bryan, Eugene and Leo to help us understand the ZVR services and to complete offer negotiation, financing to closing stages was phenomenal. In the beginning when searching for a home, it is a more or less hands-off process. After we found a home we like and submitted an offer review through the ZVR system, they helped us every step of the way to negotiate a better offer, obtain the best rate possible and ensure we meet all requirements by the closing date. The ZVR team was extremely reliable and responsive to our emails and messages through WhatsApp.

10 months ago


We bought our first home and used ZVR. Would definitely recommend it. Being new to the real estate market we were not familiar with all that is involved but everything was laid out fairly straight forward and was well worth the work involved for the commission savings returned to us.

11 months ago


As a buyer, I initially used a traditional RE agent to look for homes, but I found the agent was bringing nothing to the table. I had access to all the same listings and I did all my own property research, so why did I need the agent? The ZVR system handles all the offer processing, and I ended up buying my first home with ZVR. Great group, highly recommend.

NaN years ago


We used ZVR to make our purchase and saved $22,000. The automated tool was easy to use once you get the hang of it. With the ZVR tool, you control the offer price, the conditions on the offer, the closing date, etc. Yes, you have to do a lot of the leg work yourself. But for $22,000, it was worth it. Plus there has never been any pressure to purchase or increase my bid. I have total control over my purchase and not be dictated by a real estate agent whose incentive is to make commission. I will use ZVR again.

1 year ago


Great team. Perfectly smooth experience highly recommended!

1 year ago


Absolutely phenomenal service. Disappointed in myself it took me this long to drop a review because this service is absolutely phenomenal. I used ZVR to purchase my first home and they were flawless throughout the process. Everything was straight forward and they designed everything with a user friendly mindset. I highly recommend anyone use this service instead of paying a realtor to purchase a property (yes you’re paying for it even if you’re not directly cutting a cheque). By using ZVR I received over $10k, essentially covering all my closing costs and then some. I truly wish that this service flourishes and becomes the standard in the residential real estate market.

1 year ago


simply fantastic. Much needed service in the industry. keep up the awesome work. totally legit and will work you in case you come across any obstacles.

1 year ago


I recently purchased a condo in Toronto through ZVR and I have been pleasantly surprised by the experience. I will first confirm that it is indeed a real service that does exactly what it says. I was initially skeptical entrusting such a major process to a service with a rather minimal web presence, but it is in fact legit. The process is straightforward, with an automated offer generator, and à la carte options for lawyer reviews, site visits, etc. Submitting an offer is very simple, and they take care of the communication with the seller. They are also very responsive, with a Whatsapp chat available to address any questions you may have. The price tag of $1000 (before any lawyer fees) does seem a little high, but in comparison to what you pay for regular realtor it's very reasonable. All in all I saved nearly $20k in commission and taxes using them compared to a full service realtor. I will say the service is probably not for everyone. In my case I already had selected a property I knew well and just needed someone to facilitate the transaction. If you are not sure what you are looking for, a full realtor may be (almost) worth the cost. If you are prepared to do the legwork though, ZVR is a great option to have.

1 year ago


I now recommend ZVR to everyone. We recently purchased a home in Toronto with ZVR and had a great experience. They delivered on everything promised. Two weeks after we moved in we got a $30k cheque (it's also tax free after HST). If you can use HouseSigma, you don't need a traditional agent to get a cut of your purchase (yes 2.5% usually goes to them). They have a very easy to use system for submitting offers and the lawyer they work with is great. Between a good mortgage broker (call Zhino) and their lawyer, a traditional buying agent truly offers zero value. HIGHLY RECOMMEND ZVR!

1 year ago


Used ZVR to purchase our first home in Georgina. Excellent experience overall and we received our refund at the end of the process as promised. Have been recommending them to everyone we come across who is in the market for a new home!

1 year ago


Purchased a detach home in Hamilton using ZVR. A great team to work with - and very responsive! The process was smooth and straightforward, I was in the drivers seat during the whole purchase process with guidance from ZVR when required. Received a HUGE refund as promised without any hassle. Definitely recommended.

1 year ago


Great to see a genuine group not taking advantage of home buyers and the ridiculous house prices in TO. Saved lots of money using ZVR!

1 year ago


I'm in the industry my self and this guys were a refreshing surprise. In world of promises and big talk they actually come through on what said . You can save money!! And a lot of it They are very prompt! Profesional, and deliberate definitely recommend.

1 year ago


I never leave reviews, but I'm so happy with the staff and the process and the savings $$$, I felt like I had too. I had doubts at first but it all worked out. Amazing people to say the least. Literally recommending these guys to everyone...

1 year ago


We used ZVR to purchase a home in Toronto. The experience is as advertised, we received the full rebate with no issues. While the team is very helpful and responsive, this service is recommended for buyers that can do their own research and put in the work required to find a property. They are working on improvements to make the offer process even easier. Overall highly recommend.

1 year ago


1 year ago

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Our Mission

The purpose of Zero Value Realty is to give consumers the choice to unbundle real estate services and eliminate the large hidden fees in real estate transactions. Everyone should pay for their own representation, but this is not how our market works today. ZVR provides this unbundling to buyers through nearly full cashback. ZVR charges a flat fee and provides customers a rebate of co-operating commissions*.

Buyers are responsible for hiring a lawyer skilled in real estate and contract law to handle drafting agreements and carrying out the real estate transaction. Lawyers are required to possess detailed knowledge of contract and real estate law, and we believe this can help with the process in the same way that lawyer-based For Sale By Owner companies help clients. Our name is a joke about our agents providing zero value, as they only minimally help facilitate a transaction. Our automation tools in addition to experts like lawyers, and the work of our clients themselves is the true value.






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